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MOTORISTS could be standing for an additional economic check in view of the growing demands for discounts on auto insurance.

The requests for additional cash come from the fact that it seems unlikely that a fourth federal aid payment will be introduced in the near future.


Drivers could line up for a "stimulus check" as calls for a discount increasePhoto credit: Getty

According to financial expert MoneyWise, Americans may be standing for a cash raise from their insurance provider if their car is parked in the driveway.

It is reported that companies only paid back a third of the money they made last year.

According to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA), providers spent more than $ 14 billion in reimbursements and loans last year.

Experts accused insurance companies of providing “insufficient” relief to customers during the Covid pandemic.

According to a study by the Consumer Federation of America and the Center of Economic Justice, insurers took around $ 42 billion in premiums last year and only offered $ 13 billion in rebates.

On average, policyholders only got around $ 125 back per car in the form of a discount, so any check they could possibly get is likely to be small.

California regulators urged vendors to offer a rebate to ailing motorists as the state's insurance company said companies "continue to overcharge drivers."

However, the increasing number of calls from motorists who are short of funds can lead companies to offer a potential discount.

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To save extra money, Americans could look to cheaper insurance providers or temporarily suspend their auto insurance.

Cars must be kept in a safe place as drivers are not insured if their vehicle is stolen.

Americans are encouraged to look for additional ways to save money as the likelihood of a fourth economic check appears slim.

The economy appears to be slowly recovering as unemployment fell from 5.9 percent to 5.4 percent in July.

According to Yahoo Finance, around 900,000 jobs were added to the job market last month.

Washington DC politicians have a summer break until mid-September, further reducing the likelihood of a fourth review before the fall.

However, support for another round of stimulus payments remains high among parts of the American public and some politicians.

A petition from calling for checks up to $ 2,000 for adults and payments of $ 1,000 for children has more than 2.8 million signatures.

Democratic legislature urges Joe Biden to introduce recurring payments fearing checks up to $ 1,400 will not be enough.

Americans are encouraged to look for additional ways to save the money


Americans are encouraged to look for additional ways to save the moneyPhoto credit: Reuters
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